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Payment Methods

Payment Method (click for details)Extra costsTransfer TimeAvailable For
International Bank Transfer € 0 -
1-5 business days All countries
Cash € 0,-
Depends All countries

You order will be shipped after the complete payment has been received on our account

International Bank Transfer

Additional fee charged by us: € 0,- | Transfer time: 1-5 business days 
Some banks charge a fee for the bank transfer. Please not that this fee should be covered by you, the customer. 
It is possbile to transfer money from any bank in the world to our bank. You will need some information from us to complete the payment.
You can also use an online money transfer sites: like Western Union, Azimo, Globalwebpay and more. Use this to transfer the payment to our bank account and save on transfer fees.

Transfer details:

 Accountholder / Beneficiary: Online Musketeers
 IBAN*: NL63INGB0005623431
 Sort Code: Not used by our bank
 Payment Information / Comment:
Always write your ordernumber
(Example: 1200000001)
*IBAN = International Bank Account Number
**BIC = Bank Identifier Code


Accountholder Information:

Bank information:

Online Musketeers
Postbus 1492
1000 BL Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel.: +31(0)20 637 27 09
fax.: +31(0)87 784 08 97
ING, Foreign Operations
Postbus 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel: +31 20 563 91 11
fax: +31 20 563 57 00



Extra cost charged by us: 0,- Transit duration: 2-14 business days

Notice: Sending cash is on your own risk. To increase the chance of arrrival, make sure you send your cash hidden well and using registered mail.

How do I pay cash?

  • Order your product(s) on
  • When asked to select your payment method choose Cash in Envelope.
  • Confirm you order
  • You will receive an email with the Order Confirmation in pdf. Print this! or write your order number down on a paper
  • Check to total amount needed to be paid and round this up to whole Euro's.
  • Do not send coins!
  • When you send us more money than actually needed. Please write on your order confirmation if you want to receive change, something extra or something else.
  • Hide the money from sight! Attach the money inside a folded piece of carton or inside a foldable wishing card so no one could see there is money on the inside.

  • A large envelope is best: size A5 or A4. Put inside:
      • The printed order confirmation (with written instructions what to do with the surplus of money).
      • The money in EUROS hidden from sight.

  • Send the Envelope using Registered Mail to:

Online Musketeers
TAV: Administration
PO Box 1492
1000 BL Amsterdam
The Netherlands