Spore vial instructions: How to use a magic mushroom spore vial ?

Growing Magic Mushrooms from spores is not as difficult as you think. In this post we will explain how to use a mushroom spore vial , how to prepare a spore syringe from the vial and what the advantages of using a magic mushroom spore vial are. With a MycoMate spore vial you have the best spores for the best results. Now let's get started!

What is a magic mushrooom spore vial?

A spore vial is a container made from glass and has a circular rubber membrane on top. The glass vial contains a special fluid which Magic Muhroom spore vial kitpreserves the strain of mushrooms spores.  You can actually see the spores floating around. The spore vial solution has over a 1000 grow parts per milliliter. Due to the fluid used the spores can be preserved for at least two years!

Spores are like the seeds of the mushrooms, but "seed" in not the right word. Spores are not seeds to be exact. In the case of the P. cubensis, P. cyanescens and other Basidiomycota fungi; spores are formed in the reproduction organ (the mushroom) of the fungus without the need of another fungus and can grow independently. However, seeds are only produced when a male and a female have had sexual contact. Fungi do not need males or females and are without gender.

Reasons to go Spore Vial:

  • Longer shelf life than most spore syringes (2 years vs 6 months)
  • It's easier to get ALL spores out of the container. Plastic syringes are often charged with static electricity making the spores stick to them. Glass vials are never charged, so 100% of the spores will come out.
  • Works great with liquid culture growth media. Syringes can be prepared with a different solution, rendering any liquid culture medium unusable.
  • Spore vial solution has over a 1000 grow parts per milliliter, versus 500 g.p.p. ml or even less in most syringes.
  • Professional look and feel
  • Takes up less space
  • Easier to transport

Contents of the spore vial

Instructions to use a spore vial

The spore vials have a cap with a circular rubber membrane. The rubber membrane, or septa, can be pierced by the needle of a syringe, but will stop any airflow, micro organisms or anything else to go through by itself.

Shake spore vial vigorously to spread the spores evenly throughout the vial. Remove the protective stopper cap from the top of the vial and sterilize the septa with an alco prep. Unpack the sterile syringe and remove the protective cap from the needle. Insert the needle of the syringe through the septa.

The point of the needle should be submerged in the spore solution. Pull back the plunger of the syringe slowly so that the syringe will fill with spore solution. Just 3 milliliter of spore solution is needed to colonize 1 liter / 1.05 quart of substrate. After having filled the syringe with the required amount of spore solution, slowly take out the needle from the vial.

To proceed from here to the inoculation process, there are several methods to choose from:

Dropping the spore solution onto the substrate

After having prepared your own substrate or cakes, you can drop the spore solution directly from the syringe onto this. Press the plunger slowly so that dropplets of spore solution will come out of the needle. Every dropplet that will be in contact with the substrate is a potential mycelium growth point. Spread out these dropplets over the substrate evenly to colonize the substrate with mycelium.

Injection through injection ports

This is almost identical as dropping the spore solution onto the substrate. Open the injection port by pulling back the port protection cap. Use a alco prep to sterilize the injection port entry. Pierce the opening with the needle. Now drop the spore solution evenly over the substrate inside the spawn bag or grow box. After the spore solution is injected, remove the syringe and close the injection port with the port protection cap.

Liquid culture for faster colonization and stronger mycelium

When injecting the magic mushroom spore solution in a 'bath of nutrients', such as the Liquid Culture Growth Medium, the spores will form into mycelium inside this liquid suspension. This is called liquid culture or LC for short. Liquid Culture Growth Medium itself can be used to inoculate substrate and cakes. Liquid culture growth medium has a higher success rate and will be much more reliable than trying to germinate the spores without the use of  LC. In short: Using LCs will increase the chance on mushrooms.

Note: The Liquid Culture Growth Medium will not work well spore syringes containing a 'special' solution.

Study spores and research using a microscope

Seen from a scientific point of view; all Psilocybe cubensis are alike "a cube is a cube". But they do differ slightly in appearance and fruiting speed, called phenotype. There are numerous Psilocybe cubensis that have different phenotypes. These different cubensis are not considered subspecies, but different strains. For example: The PES Amazonian is a strain of Psilocybe cubensis. Sometimes 'strain' and 'variation' can be used with the same meaning.

The differences in phenotype can be seen with the naked eye, but the true beauty lies under the microscope. The wondrous world of the spores. Many of our customers are scientists, doing research on these differences in a homemade laboratory. After having prepared your microscope slide, drop some of the psilocybe cubensis spore solution on it. Cover the specimen with a microscope covering glass. The best magnification for Psilocybe cubensis and Panaeolus cyanescens spore research is a magnification of 1000x or higher.

The syringe and reusing it

After using the syringe to inoculate the substrate, cake, or LC with the psilocybe cubensis spores, you can reuse the empty syringe after you have sterilized the needle. This can be done with a spirit burner. Burn the needle by keeping it in the flame long enough to make it glow orange. Let it cool down before you insert the needle again. Instead of reusing one, you can also order a sterile needle separately.

Storage of the Spore vial

Store the psilocybe cubensis spore vial in the refrigerator between 2°C - 8°C or 35°F - 46°F. Leave the 'septa protecting stopper cap' in place when storing the vial. After removing this protective cap, always sterilize the septa with an alcohol prep before you insert the syringe.

The psilocybe cubensis spore vials can be stored this way for 2 year after leaving our warehouse.

Spore vial instruction video

Since images say more than words we have created this 'How to' video with step by step instructions to use the spore vials. Check it out and let us know what you think.

When do I use a spore vial?

The spore vials are mostly used in mushroom cultivation. With spores you can inoculate substrate. Twe spores will grow out to mycelium and the mycelium will fruit magic mushrooms Therefore it's smart to do your homework before you start acting as a true mycologist. If you are curious and unexperienced in mushroom cultivation check out the PF-Tek instruction blog. Were have written a manual the world famous PF-Tek method .

Which magic mushroom strains can I choose?magic mushrooms spore vials cubensis and cyanescens

We have a large collection of different psilocybe and cyanescens strains from all over the world in stock for you to cultivate mushrooms and truffles! So if you are a dedicated grower and ready to make a trip around the world, then we will be happy to serve you the 'tickets' for the ride.


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