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  1. Grow bag with micronfilter

    Grow bag with micronfilter

    good for the first trial
    good for the first trial, better would be have multi-pack options, in order having cheaper price, personally prefer than monotub, less risk of contamination of all your work. easily to
  2. Spore Pack with 3 vials

    Spore Pack with 3 vials

    It's very good option
    It's very good option, have the choice of 3, specially for beginners, depending conditions some sprout easier. the price is good, quantity is for a regiment.
  3. Spore Pack with 3 vials

    Spore Pack with 3 vials

    Great product
    I love these products, the spores seem to grow very fast! I’m greatfull!
  4. Ecuador psilocybe cubensis spores

    Ecuador psilocybe cubensis spores

    cubensis vial
    this strain seems to be a bit slow on catching up, i had some agar plates that didn't germinate at all.Also lc's weren't showing much grow, but some were suddenly
  5. Eco-clin Surface Disinfectant Spray

    Eco-clin Surface Disinfectant Spray

    Top :)
    Gutes mittel um den Arbeitsplatz zu säubern und Kontis vorzubeugen. Preis leistung stimmt :)
  6. Psilocybe cubensis Spore Vial Pack | 5 vials

    Psilocybe cubensis Spore Vial Pack | 5 vials

    Hammer Note 1
    Das produkt is der Wahnsinn, habe gute erfolge damit erzielt. preis ist gut, wer Qualität haben will muss auch was bezahlen. macht weiter leute, aus meiner sicht seit ihr die

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