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We are open and ship daily ! Please allow some delays due to corona.
Due to COVID-19 Limited shipping to pick-up points -- Expect some delays in shipment, due to border closings
No shipments on the 1st of June dune to holidays
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What shipping methods can I choose from?

We offer two shipping methods. Normal post and UPS. We try to offer the lowest shipping price possible and to ensure you get your parcel quickly and undamaged on your doorstep.

Shipping method Real time tracking


We offer the package to PostNL. PostNL will have sister companies deliver the package in your country. Sister companies can be DPD; GLS; MRW; Local postal services or other companies.
UPS Standard
Yes Fast and Secure shipping. This method is available for most of countries and our standard shipping option.

How much do I pay for shipping?

The shipping cost  depend on several conditions: the country of destination;  the total weight of your order and the shipping method. It is easy to find out the shipping cost on your package.

  • Select all the products you are interested in and add them to your shopping cart.
  • Go to your shopping cart and scroll down to Estimate Shipping and tax.
  • Here you fill in your shipping country and Zip/Postal Code, click on Get A Quote.
  • The page will load the available methods and the cost of shipping for your order.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

When selecting the shipping method, you can see the estimated transfer time for your selected country. Most parcels have a transfer time between 1-5 work days in Europe, even 1 day if you are close to a major city. When you are outside Europe or in a rural area (not near a big city) it can take longer.

Make sure to check your email for the tracking code of your parcel (not received one? your order is not shipped or the email is in the junk/spam) The tracing code link provides you with an estimated shipping date and information about the delivery by courrier.

Where do we ship mushroom spores?

We ship our products to countries all around the world, exceptions can be found at the product description. This is not an complete list and countries can be added or removed from it, if we notice that shipping is a problem. Questions about shipping to exceptional countries will not be answered.

Legal information

Are spores legal in my country and is it legal to ship them to me? Please only order products that are legal in your country. We do not know what the legal status is of our products outside of the Netherlands. For information and legal quesion we suggest that you do some research on the Internet or get some legal advice from a professional.

Most countries do not prohibit mushroom spores, even the psilocybe strains when the spores used for taxonomy, mycology or determination. Notice that the fruits of psilocybe mushroom strains are prohibited in most countries. Do not intent to grow them if illegal in your country. Do not order any kind of substrate ingredients with your spores when the fruits are prohibited.

Information of laws and restrictions can not be given by any person representing the Magic Spores Shop, so please do not ask us about it. We simply can not read all international laws and the changing policies around the world. If you order than you should be aware of the legal status of the products you order. Full legal responsibility is yours.

Shipping Address

Make sure that your shipping address is residential or a company.. Do not use a PO-box, Post-office or packing station as a shipping address when your parcel is shipped with UPS.  If you want us to ship to a PO-box, Post-office or packing station please contact us on our support page and ask if we can ship it with the normal post.
Check your shipping address when you receive your order confirmation. Make sure you fill out your street name, house number and zip code/postal code. If you have no house number or zip code just put a " --" stripe in the address bar.

Make sure that you fill in your delivery address correctly! When the address is incorrect and your package is send out we can not change it.

It is highly recommended to fill in your correct phone number in the shipping address. In case there is a problem with the delivery, the shipping company can contact you to have the parcel delivered.

Discrete Packaging

All our packages are shipped discrete. We use these boring brown cardboard boxes that will blend in perfectly. There is no indication on the outside and on the inside of the parcel what the contents is. However products are labeled. For example a spore syringe or spore vial will have a label with the species and strain on it.

Your package does not contain invoices, packaging lists or instructions. Instructions are only available digitally. A copy can be requested at any time. For shipments outside of the European Union an invoice is required.

Returned Parcels

Parcel can be send back to us by the courrier or postal service. This happends when people are not at home to receive the parcel, the address is incorrect or when the package is refused at delivery. When you notice that your package is send back to us send us a message. If we get your package back we will contact you and discuss the options of reshipping. Notice we do not refund in full when packages are send back to us.

Re shipping of your parcel  is only possible when we have received your package back. We have to charge for the shipping cost and the package will be shipped as it is. If you would like to replace products for fresh or new items you will have to pay the purchase price.  If you do not want the package send again a refund can be given. The refund of your payment will be deduction with the cost of the product and shipping cost. Read our Terms for further information about refunds

Damage, lost or seized packages

If your package is damaged contact our cusomer support and send us some clear pictures of the damaged package and the products that are damaged. Include your order number and tracking code and a written desribtion of the damage. We can probably file a complain with the delivery service to get a refund for the damage.

Have you not received your package within the transfer time or a long time after? It some times happen that a package get lost. Please check the shipping page of the used shipping company with your tracking code. Most information about delivery and delay will be on that page. If your package is lost, delivered on a different address or signed for but not received by you. Call UPS or Postnl on the wereabouts of your package, most times a problem can be resolved quicly.  Contact us after with the informatuon that you have on your package. We can file for a investigation on your package with the shipping company, this can take more than 2 weeks for the first results.

In some occations a package gets stopped and checked by customs or even seized. We do not refund or replace packages that are seized or have itmes removed by customs. Make sure that you only order products that are legal for you to have.