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Spirit Burner

Spirit Burner

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High Quality laboratory Spirit or alcohol burner. It is used to sterilize needles.

The glass Spirit burner comes with fuse and glass closing cap.



Different spirits can be used in the alcohol burner.

Mostly methylated spirits (denatured alcohol) is used, which is available in household and convenience stores.

Usage of the Spirit Burner

Fill the spirit burner with fuel and let the fuse soak. Light the fuse with a lighter and let it burn for a while, and extinguish it by putting the cap on it. This will make the fuse easier to light when you what to use the burner to sterilize a needle.

When a needle is used for making a mushroom spore syringe, adding spores to liquid culture or inoculating mushroom substate, the needle musht be sterile. This can be done with the flam of the spirit burner.

Light the spirit burner and take the syringe with needle. Put the needle in the flame and hold it till it turns red hot. Now the syringe needle is sterile and ready to be used.

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Additional Information

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